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1. New Connection

Currently Trunet Fiber is available only in select areas. If you want a connection, please fill-up your details {Link to form} & we will get back to you. Alternatively, you can contact us on our helpline 08069265555

You can connect a Wi-Fi Router to Trunet Fiber connection & get the internet service over WiFi. To get the best throughput, we recommend you use Wi-Fi router which supports 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz with throughput of 750 Mbps or more.

Currently Trunet Fiber is available only in selected areas. If you want to check the availability of our service in your Home/Office/Locality, You can contact us on our helpline 08069265555

We recommend you should opt for any Wi-Fi router which has Ethernet port & supports 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz with throughput of 750 Mbps or more.

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2. Account, Package and Recharge

To change your broadband account password, please call our helpline. Our team will reset the password & the new password will be sent to you through SMS/Email.

To change your package, please visit https://ims.trunet.co.in & log-in using your selfcare username and password. Alternatively, you may call helpline for any support.

To check the available package option applicable to you, please visit https://ims.trunet.co.in & log-in using your selfcare username and password.

Post activation of your services, you will get your account username & password through SMS & Email. Using these credentials, you can authenticate & start using the internet service.

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3. After Sales Services

Yes, monthly account statements will be sent to you by email on your registered email address.

You can reach out to us at our helpline 08069265555 or write to us at care@trunet.co.in

Children are increasingly becoming a part of our online community. The Internet offers children many opportunities for learning, constructive entertainment, and personal growth. But there are a lot of risks that children face online. Filtering software like CYBERPATROL, NETNANNY, SURFWATCH etc can help keep children away from inappropriate online content. Parental controls can also be set up on a router, operating system, browser and firewall level. More information on how to setup parental controls via such mediums is easily available online. While such measures go a long way ensuring the kind of content your child is exposed to online, they are not a substitute for parental involvement in the child’s safety online. (This message is being displayed to you as per the regulations from Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India)

In case of any concern with the connection, please visit https://ims.trunet.co.in & log-in using your selfcare portal username & password. Go to the ‘Support’ section & register the issue faced by you. Alternatively, you can call our helpline & register the issue faced by you. Upon receipt of request/complaint our team will either remotely troubleshoot or visit your premises to resolve the issue.

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Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) or 100% Fiber Network is a cable that contains glass/plastic fibers that transmit light instead of electricity, thus promising superior speed. As a case in point, consider Google Fiber that offers speeds of up to 1Gbps, while a normal cable connection would max out on 200Mbit/s.

  1. A 100% Fiber Network gives you end-to-end connectivity with fiber optics running directly into your homes – ensuring no leakage of speed & connectivity.
  2. Vectorised Fiber or FTTB (Fiber-to-the-Building) is a mix of fibre and copper lines where the fiber lines run from the ISP only until your premises and copper lines from your premises to your home.
  1. Breath–taking speed: The fiber optic internet ensures that your internet doesn’t slow down, even during periods of high demand.
  2. Higher Immunity & Reliability: Fiber, unlike copper, is not corrosive in nature, so it’s unaffected by harsh weather conditions. It is resistant to human or electrical interference and does not lose signal over long distances – delivering seamless connectivity and lesser downtimes.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth: FTTH has virtually an unlimited bandwidth, making it possible to power Holographic HD TV and games, smart home solutions, video telephony and home security solutions.
  4. Safer: As fiber does not radiate electromagnetic energy, fiber cable is literally impossible to tap making it the safest medium for carrying sensitive data.
  5. Low Carbon Footprint: The raw materials used to make fiber come from silicon and sand. Which can be found in an abundance compared to the dwindling supply of copper.

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5. Router
  1. The strength of your Wi-Fi signal is dependent on the placement of your Router. Getting the location right can make a world of difference to your broadband experience. Please ensure –
    1. Find a central spot: Place your Smart Router in a central location in your house – preferably at a height.
    2. Avoid interference: Keep your Router away from large metal objects, heat/extreme cold sources, moisture, dust & plants. Keep microwave ovens, cordless phones and Bluetooth devices away.
  2. How to make the most of your Router?
    1. Connect Directly: Direct LAN/ethernet cables provide faster speeds.
    2. Reboot Routine: Restart your router regularly to ensure the driver software is up to date.
    3. Turn -off devices not in use: Devices/Apps not in active use consume bandwidth. Turning them off frees up bandwidth for use.

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6. Speed

Yes, the speed will go up 6 times. You will get 300 MBPS (On LAN). Higher speed offers you an enriched internet experience and it will enable higher number of devices to be connected on Internet simultaneously. WiFi experience, however, is always dependent on distance from the Router, wall or glass separation as well as number of devices (Smart TV, Laptop or Smartphone devices) simultaneously connected.

The overall browser performance will be dictated by the screen size, the distance between the Router and the device (say, your computer) and number of devices connected to the internet at the same time. So, it may be possible that the same connection will serve 2-3 different speeds depending on the above-mentioned factors.

Nearly all speed testing apps do not measure the speed but instead measure the bandwidth (capacity). Unfortunately, the bandwidth is the measure of how much data can the connection hold and not the speed (throughput) of the connection. It’s only the speed that governs the user app experience in most cases.